Sports massage

Athletes know what massage can do for your endurance. Unfortunately, only a few (top) athletes have their own sports massage therapist.

With the North Sea Health Care massage equipment with adjustable massage pressure, regular (sports) massage is within reach for every athlete. Regular massage promotes the removal of toxins through the lymphatic and vascular system, and increases oxygen uptake, which will increase your performance and endurance.

Mannen op racefietsen na behandeling met compressie apparaat

Prevent sports injuries

The sport massage (pressure between 130 – 240 mmHg) reduces the muscle tension and loosens hard muscle tissue. This will increase the blood circulation of the body. Excess fluid, because of muscle damage, will be better drained. Massaging the muscles before a workout or competition is part of the preparation and warm-up. Regular use helps to the prevent injuries. If injuries do occur, massage can lead to a considerably faster recovery.

Muscle pain and muscle recovery

When used during warm-up and cool-down, the muscle tension will decrease, and the muscles will recover faster due to the better removal of toxins from the muscles. The acidification of muscles after exercise decreases. Multiple top performances in one day such as swimming, skating or athletics are therefore better facilitated.

Improving oxygen uptake in the muscles

Due to the massage, the blood flow is improved, increasing oxygen availability to all muscles (oxygenation). This helps improve performance. At the days you do not practice your sports, you can continue to improve your oxygen supply with a relaxing massage.

Strengthen your immune system

In addition, regular compression massage strengthens your immune system. The chance of being sick during the period you have to perform is reduced.