Massage compression therapy

massage compressietherapie

Compression therapy, also known as pressotherapy, is a massage system that works on air pressure. It promotes lymphatic drainage by alternating between compression and decompression. This ensures an intensive massage of your legs, arms and / or waist and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Improving blood and lymphatic circulation

Compression therapy is a highly effective method for relaxing your muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and getting rid of the toxins and unnecessary liquid that your body holds. It also brings energy producing nutrients and oxygen to your cells. This results in a more energetic, healthier, and slimmer body.

Now available for home use

Massage compression therapy is well known in the wellness industry. Clinics and spas offer manual lymphatic drainage massages. The massage compression therapy devices from North Sea Health Care offer you a more convenient alternative to use at home, with more programs and pressures and completely independent from a wellness therapist.

Pressure and time easily adjustable

The North Sea Health Care massage systems can be easily set via the programs on the massage device. The pressure and time can be easily adjusted. Our advice is to start at a low pressure and adjust it during the massage to a pressure that feels comfortable to you. The duration of a session is set to 30 minutes by default, but it can be adjusted up or down as desired. Air chambers can also be switched off in case of painful places, for example.

From relax massage to sports massage

The pressure can be adjusted between 30 and 240 mmHg. The pressure used for compression therapy is usually between 40 and 80 mmHg. This provides stimulation of the lymphatic and blood circulation. For sports massage, a higher pressure is used, between 130 and 240 mmHg, to release hard muscle tissue in addition to stimulation of the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Difference between a 4 air-chamber and 8 air-chamber system

The Vita 4 has 4 air outlets and is used with a 4 air chamber cuff for legs, arm or waist. The Vita 8 has 8 air outlets and is used with the 8 air chamber cuffs. The 8 air chamber system offers more comfort. A more targeted area can also be ignored in painful areas by switching off a one or more air chambers.